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Online Learning with KONEKSION

It has been a wild few weeks! We have spent everyday building and testing 10 Lego® builds to be used in our first-ever online class. The class includes a building kit with over 260 pieces, instructions that can be found on a minifigure's shirt, and an online building experience with me, the mentor/owner of Building Steam, Daniel Lane ( or Professor Discovery) this is not the tooting of my own horn!

The first class is full, but I will be setting up the next class for next month, as it does take time to source parts for the builds. My wife and I stayed up late last night, parting out the sets and now they are ready for pickup. If you have signed up for our first class you should have an email letting you choose a pickup date for your student's KONEKSION box this week.

Along with picking up your KONEKSION box, you can further the experience by becoming a member on this website and downloading the Wix app. With the Wix app, the KONEKSION community can post build photos and videos and earn badges and potentially prizes! You can even drop a note to your Mentor and view your class calendar! If you have already signed up for KONEKSION you will receive an invite email.

So what's in the box? Let's take a look at the parts you will receive!







Now the trick will be to remember what is in what bag! The reason for this is that pieces will be used more than once, so when a class is complete and a new class is about to begin, you will possibly have to take apart your creation to build the next creation. Keeping your pieces organized is key! I know you can do it!

Great, I will leave everything else to your imagination for the time being!

Any Questions?

Leave a comment below!

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