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Tank Lague

Come and explore STEM using Lego! This class is a sampling of all the different building skills learned on the bus. It is meant for all types of builders - beginner and above

Robotics 2.0

Learn basic coding and robotics in a structured environment. Discover the world through Lego model building.

Goal: Learn to work as a team, build motor skills, follow instructions, work with gears, motors and sensors and coding

Ages: 6-10 Time: Thursdays 530-700pm

Place: Star River House

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Bricks Cubed

Building Steam is excited to debut Circuit Cubes! Make your Lego designs light up, move or both!

Goal: to learn about circuits, motors, and design, and to have fun while doing it!

Ages: 6-10 Time: Tuesdays 6-730pm

Place: Star River House

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Homeschool Labs

Purchase 4 classes in advance and save $1 per class, click "explore plans" to learn more!

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