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We are so excited to announce the completion of our new Block and Roll Bus! This vehicle will serve as a way to bring our already popular STEAM LEGO® learning experience to classrooms, parties, and hotspots all over The Treasure Valley!

So..What's Next?

We are doing free open houses all over the treasure valley. Just follow the Block and Roll Bus on instagram and never miss out on a B&RB community build! We have thousands of bricks for your next sportscar spaceship or dream home! Just bring your imagination! Don't forget to subscribe here for discounts on classes and camps! 



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We are also very excited to introduce our very first DIY Brick EVENT KIT! The LED LAMP KIT! The kit comes with everything you need to make a night light from bricks (included in the kit) this project puts art and engineering right at your fingertips, not to mention you will also have an online tutorial provided by Building Steam's very own Daniel! This is the very first batch so there are only 8! Order fast! 

Power adapter

and IR sensor

Lamp Kit Deconstructed.jpg
Sketch Arrow
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Sketch Arrow



(not assembled)

LED strip

Sketch Arrow

Paint marker 

and acrylic sheet